List of top best PR tools used by publicity professionals

PR tools help promote behaviour of a particular brand. They help to promote business and try to convert prospective consumers. Some of the PR tools are as follows:

Social Media

Social Media is one of the important tools in PR today. Through social media, brands can directly connect with customers. It allows PR to reach a larger audience. In earlier days, PR was targeted only to specific individuals. Now different social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter help brands connect to its target audience. Using social media, brands can even organise hashtag campaigns on various platforms. The content which is distributed facilitates the brand message. Social Media as a PR tool also helps to develop relationships with media and influencers. It also helps to share news releases socially.

Business Events

Business people promote new products or services to gain exposure in the market. Customer confidence is built via participating in events and sales are made. Business events help the brand to find out about their competitors and can build their knowledge about industry. Also, there can be other events organised like conferences, exhibitions, contests, seminars and cultural events.

Video News Releases

Television stations use video news releases. It features videos which are of 90 seconds and highlights in which important features of the product are highlighted. Video News Releases can also be termed as infomercials.


Newsletters are sent directly to target audiences with information about the product or service. Through newsletters, PR specialists also promote products/services. It is an essential communication tool through which relationships are built between brands and the public.

Sponsorships / Partnerships

Brands sponsor events, team and individual in order to gain exposure and build awareness about itself. Sometimes, even social causes are attached but the primary reason is always commercial. Sponsorship is a specialised and popular public relations tool.