Skills every modern journalist should have

Like every other industry, the field of journalism is also evolving rapidly. This makes it imperative for both freshers and veterans to learn about the changing needs of the industry and maintain pace with them.

Inculcating skills that a journalist’s job demands, allows students to land a job opportunity as soon as they complete their course.

Here are some coveted skills that help to unlock success in the field of journalism:

  • Storytelling to make facts easily consumable
  • Interviewing to build accurate and trustworthy stories
  • Observation and accurate reporting
  • Ethics to stand up to the expectations of the public
  • Compelling writing skills
  • Knowledge of digital media and its functioning
  • Research and investigation skills
  • Mobile proficiency
  • Content editing skills
  • Video editing skills
  • Knowledge of social media and its impact
  • Video journalism skills