What are the Dos and Don’ts of journalism?

A career in journalism is not just a job, but a responsibility. As freshers, you may mistake journalistic writing for creative writing.

However, journalism plays an important role in shaping the political atmosphere, habits and outlook of citizens, and the future of a nation.

Here are the top Dos and Don’ts of journalism:


  • Always report the truth
  • Present facts in a clear and concise form to prevent misinterpretation
  • Represent the voices of the voiceless
  • Instigate the readers to think
  • Keep the writing short and to the point
  • Research comprehensively
  • Concentrate on grammar and ensure each copy is flawless
  • Avoid excessive use of passive voice
  • Keep your writing clear and easy to understand


  • Do not misreport facts to convey your opinion
  • Do not write long essays
  • Do not misspell the names of people and entities
  • Do not use SMS shortcuts
  • Do not use complex sentences and difficult-to-understand words
  • Do not let PR obligations come in the way of journalism ethics