What are the Dos and Don’ts when dealing with news media?

Are you a public relations professional, planning to pitch your company’s story to news editors?

Here are some do’s and don’ts that will make your association with news media successful:


  • Start by introducing yourself to media editors, journalism professionals, and freelancers
  • Explain the essence of the organization, its business, goals, and how it functions
  • Set a stage for future communication by sending emails after the meeting
  • Inform them about upcoming events, news about the organization, and any expected developments
  • Inform about the news releases at least 2 weeks before a special event. Follow up over email and finalize a time for a meeting, interview, or call
  • Tailor your pitch based on the medium. For instance, digital and television media will need photos and videos, print media will need intriguing stories and radio will need interviews
  • Offer real stories and personal experiences for more engaging stories
  • If you have committed to an interview, keep stories and statistics in your mind
  • Consider community newspapers, local channels, trade journals, etc. They may not be very prominent but are very powerful


  • Don’t send a vague pitch. It needs to be as comprehensive and convincing as possible.
  • Don’t tell them about the type of story you want them to publish. Ask about the type of story they are looking for instead.