Journalism tactics that work for SEO content writing

The primary goal for both journalism and SEO is to increase engagement.

Here are top journalism tactics that are effective for SEO content writing too:

• The inverted pyramid approach: This approach involves including the most important details in the introductory paragraphs and the least important in the latter parts.

• Answer who, what, why, when, where and how: This is called the 5W and 1H approach and helps to make the content free of diversions and more comprehensive

• Create an engaging headline: The well begun is half done approach works perfectly in journalism and SEO content writing

• Engaging storytelling: This helps to hold the attention for longer

• Write in a way that creates a picture in the reader’s mind: Descriptive writing is a way to show rather than tell. It helps the reader to connect with the content

Some other journalism tactics that work for SEO include writing in the active voice and keeping your writing simple and concise. You must also add credibility to the piece by adding data and statistics.